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Megan was the Mother of spacewalking vessels.

Megans world

The fine grey silver dust that blanketed everything in the small workroom rose up from the floor and counters drifting toward the glowing glyph created by the Maker as she softly chanted beneath her mask. The detritus coalesced around the scrap metal gathered between her hands. Glowing with heat, the pile melted and reformed into a complex collection of metallic gears. Megan shook the remaining dust into a bin and smiled as she fit it into place.

Glyphs are the means through which the magics of the world are harnessed.

Since the beginning of the age of burning thoughts, before a great harness sealed and dampened the magic to keep it from destroying the world in a great storm of chaos, it has occasionally altered the shape of man and sometimes beast in unexpected ways. During the age of escape, The seeds of the arcane were sewn upon distant worlds and altered forever. In this way the races of man were born anew and altered to adapt to the new worlds.

Some find that they are have the innate ability to manipulate the arcane ether though not always consciously. With focus and training those abilities can be better directed to the users will. The arcane is a slippery Dragon to grasp hold of.

Lead by the ingenious spark of Megan Walker, The Guild of Glyph-Makers imbued many vessels with the ability to fly through the spaces between planets. The secrets of creating these vessels died with the assassination of their creator. Each spacewalking vessel was originally conceived as an opulent passenger vessel some small and some large. Over time, engineers and glyph masters adapted each vessel according to it’s Patrons purpose.
It is said that where the ships go, the ancient magic follows… in time. The Glyph benders and Master Makers never stray far from their wondrous vessels when traveling to new worlds, at least not without escort.

I am developing a game of steampunk-ish space travel. A world in which Technology and magic are inseparable. The technology has become a mystic presence that is not fully understood. Bioengineering and mechanics anomalies can exist but are very difficult to recreate.

Makers – Engineers
Mystics – Can draw power from a source and redirect it as something else.

Glyph-Makers – create a durable pattern that predictably manifests in a specific way
Master-Makers – Can create a device driven by gears or other energy that is capable of sustained mechanical action for a predetermined amount of time before needing to be reset or energized.

Bio-Master – a specialist in altering biology as a healer or something else.
bio Construct – a biological alteration or adaptation of a being or rarely a constructed being..

Spacewalker – someone that travels from planet to planet; an outsider.

Spacial navigator/pilot – someone particularly good with spacial perception and reflexes.

Gentleman or Woman – of Noble standing with the means of, or heir to, a Patron family or controlling interest of commodities.

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