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The Ground rules

This Campaign will be played using the Fate Core system developed by Evil Hat Productions.
I have purchased a rule book and dice but a Fate core srd, character sheets and many other resources can be downloaded from their site!

There is also an online Fate SRD available at

Character Creation

Creating Your Character is part of the adventure!

    The basics…

  1. rough-in a quick back-story to get started
  2. Determine your character’s high concept and trouble Aspects.
  3. Name: Name your character.
  4. Next we will play with your character(s) a bit on paper and introduce him, her or it to the world and to each other.
  5. Phase One: Describe your character’s first adventure.
  6. Phases Two and Three: Describe how you’ve crossed paths with two other characters.
  7. Aspects: Write down one aspect for each of these three experiences.
  8. Skills: Pick and rate your skills.
  9. Stunts: Pick or invent three to five stunts.
  10. Refresh: Determine how many fate points you start play with.
  11. Stress and Consequences: Determine how much of a beating your character can take.


Your skills form a pyramid, with a single skill rated at Great (4)—which is refered to as the peak skill—and more skills at each lower rating on the ladder going down to Average (1):

One Great (4) skill
Two Good (
3) skills
Three Fair (2) skills
Four Average (
1) skills

World Specific skills
  • Social Engineering (contacts, diplomacy, bargaining, survival)
  • Social Deconstruction (Intimidation, Strategy, Combat )
  • INFORMATION, communication and data that can be categorized into meaningful patterns
  • Craft Arcane – knowing why a crafted thing works
  • Craft mundane
  • ARCANE Knowledge – the insight needed to bend what you know into a new action or state beyond that which craft or prior research would provide.
  • Race – Hybrid
  • Race – Machine
  • Race – Beast type
  • Race – Alien

Arcane stunts

h4.* Class*

determined by aspects and skills.

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